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안녕 Annyeong!

We’re a female wellness company who understands your health journey is personal and important. It’s about making your wellbeing a priority every day without compromise.

At Yoona, we are committed to provide high quality, safe, and affordable products to support your wellness.

Yoona | Startup Femtech Indonesia

Never Settle For Less

As modern women, we become more aware of our needs for high quality products that can support our wellness.

Unfortunately such products are not easily accessible and are not affordable.

Thus, we often settle for what's available and convenient to get, despite knowing some of them contain dangerous chemicals that can cause irritation and may have potential long-term side effects.


Discover Wellness

Let's together act on it! It's time to stop settling and start your wellness journey with Yoona.

Because YOU matter. Period.


“Seneng banget sekarang ada Yoona, pembalut dengan 100% organic cotton material yang aman untuk kulit sensitif aku.”

Anita Lundy


“Aku udah coba banyak banget pembalut dan aku cuma mau produk organic cotton yang terbaik buat aku!”

Aveline Agnes


“Tiap lagi mens pasti iritasi. Aku pikir itu wajar, tapi ternyata aku belum ketemu pembalut yang tepat. Pas pake Yoona, gak iritasi lagi plus bau tak sedap pun hilang!”

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